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Cover and Care International have worked within the education sector for over 25 years, providing wellbeing services in education for the UK’s market leader – supporting over 4,000 schools.

We have developed our new products to meet the demands of an international audience, following interest from educational establishments all over the world who want to join our community of wellbeing focused school leaders who deliver a lasting positive impact in their workplace.

Continually striving to make a difference in education, our bespoke packages are designed to protect your budget and support your whole school community, all at a price point geared towards maximising the benefits at the lowest possible cost. We select the services that matter most and empower staff to proactively access them and prevent future absences by staying at their peak.

Our Wellbeing Services are led by experienced clinicians and industry experts, ensuring the support is of the highest standard. This not only helps keep your staff at their best but these services have been proven to reduce absences in school.

Build your whole school wellbeing community for less with Cover and Care International.

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